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(BRC) Basic Rider Course 

Part of the Bison Experience is offering the full enhanced rider experience that is unmatched by any other, to all our guests. That includes offering Basic Rider Course through the MN Motorcycle Safety Center, here at Bison Thunder Motorcycle. This year, we are offering a Basic Rider Course one weekend (Friday through Sunday) a month starting May through August. Call us at 763-244-1101 to schedule your session from one of our range of courses. We're offering these courses to our guest at a discount price of $150 per course. That's up to $100 savings off the Basic Rider Course by scheduling through Bison Thunder Motorcycle. We are also offering exclusive enhanced training, savings and discounts to students taking one of our courses to help you on your way to getting on that new ride safely, comfortably, and confidently. By completing the course, most insurance companies offer up to 10% discounts on insurance rates.

Check out our schedule and full course info on our event page.

Overview: Bison Thunder Motorcycle is now offering Basic Rider Course through the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center . We're offering a savings of up to $100off/course when scheduling through Bison Thunder Motorcycle in addition to exclusive Bison Thunder course enhancements and promotions. Students must call Bison Thunder Motorcycle for scheduling. Click on date links to re-direct to event details and additional information.


The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC) is accredited by the national Motorcycle Safety Foundation and operated by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.


Get your license and learn essential motorcycle control skills all in one course. The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is designed for beginning riders with no previous riding experience and also recommended for returning riders.

The BRC combines 10 hours of practice riding on a closed course with 4.5 hours of classroom discussion. We provide newer model training motorcycles and have a friendly six-to-one student-to-instructor ratio for the riding portion of the course.
If you want to earn your motorcycle license endorsement through the BRC, you’ll need to be 18 or older and have a motorcycle instruction permit in hand when you take the course. Riders under 18 are required to take this course to obtain a motorcycle permit.

The BRC offers complete, quality training. Classroom topics include:
· Protective riding gear
· Preparation
· Risk management
· Street strategies
· Special riding situations
· Impairment
Early riding exercises teach basic skills:
· Clutch and throttle control
· Straight-line riding
· Turning
· Shifting
· Stopping.
Later exercises teach advanced skills:
· U-turns and counterweighting
· Maximum braking
· Counter steering
· Cornering
· Swerving

While the MMSC provides training motorcycles in the BRC, you may ride your own motorcycle or scooter, 51–500cc, in the course. Your motorcycle must be street legal, licensed and pass a basic equipment inspection. You also must show proof of current insurance to the instructor.
Course graduates may be eligible for special discounts on their insurance as well as incentives from motorcycle manufacturers and dealerships.
Eligibility Requirements
Participants must be able to ride a bicycle, since the skill of balancing is not taught in this course. Riders must furnish their own protective riding gear:
· DOT-approved helmet
· Eye protection
· Long sleeves
· Long pants
· Full-fingered gloves
· Over-the-ankle footwear

Students are strongly encouraged to bring rain gear –– courses run rain or shine.

Participants must be at least 15 years old and possess either a valid driver's license or driver's permit. Parents of those under age 18 must sign a consent/release form prior to on-cycle instruction. Participants must also bring fluids and snacks for themselves.
If you plan to earn your motorcycle license endorsement in this course, you will need to be 18 or older and have a motorcycle instruction permit in possession when you take the course.

To successfully complete the course, 100-percent attendance is required. Participants must pass a written test and riding skills test. Wisconsin and Iowa residents can also earn a skill test waiver.

Please note that while many students pass on their first try, the MMSC cannot guarantee your success.

Call 763-244-1101 to schedule your class today! Spots are filling up fast.


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